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Gayle Recommends Jeffrey Koons

"Jeffrey Koons is a blessing. He took my case and handled it professionally, efficiently, and with patience. It was difficult for me to start the bankruptcy, as I believe in paying your way in life, but things happen sometimes that prevent us from doing that.

  • He has listened patiently, corrected wrong beliefs about bankruptcy and its procedures, and gently and methodically kept me moving forward and on track from start to finish.
  • He is the only bankruptcy attorney I will refer my clients to – I know from personal experience that it is Jeffrey and his professional staff who will take good care of anyone I refer to them. They care about people and it shows.
  • Sometimes you don't owe credit card bills, but you want to save your home from foreclosure due to an illness and being unable to work; Jeffrey A. Koons, Attorney at Law is the answer.
  • Perhaps you need credit counseling and debt negotiation – Jeffrey A, Koons is the professional that will handle your case from start to finish in the most caring, professional and efficient manner.

"I am thankful that Jeffrey A. Koons, and his capable staff at has been there for me."

– Gayle

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