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  • “Jeffrey Koons was not only very professional, but was very sensitive towards our needs in getting our case resolved. We were very concerned about resolving this matter in a short period, and he adhered to our needs by expediting this case within the thin margin of time that we had. He provided p…

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  • “Jeffrey Koons is someone I recommend wholeheartedly. When I, and my company, were struggling financially and about to go under, he showed me options I never knew I had, and then he followed through and protected me so that I ultimately did not have to declare bankruptcy and was able to satisfy n…

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  • “I have known Jeffrey A. Koons for over 5 years and when I had to make the decision about whether to file bankruptcy, he was who I turned to. I was very upset, and he calmed me, and explained that this was a business decision to allow my life to get back on track, not me being a horrible person. …

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  • “Jeffrey Koons is a blessing. He took my case and handled it professionally, efficiently, and with patience. It was difficult for me to start the bankruptcy, as I believe in paying your way in life, but things happen sometimes that prevent us from doing that.

    He has listened patiently, correct…

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  • Mr. Koons,
    I never really properly thanked you for taking my case—the last time we met in your office, I was very flustered, this is all a new business for me. The reason I ‘put my chips on the table’ with you, so to speak, is that you’ve seen —— Bank in action before, and you didn’t try to BS m…

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