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With Jeffrey You Don't Have To Be Afraid

"I have known Jeffrey A. Koons for over 5 years and when I had to make the decision about whether to file bankruptcy, he was who I turned to. I was very upset, and he calmed me, and explained that this was a business decision to allow my life to get back on track, not me being a horrible person. I had all these ideas about what this would say about me in a negative light that I couldn't see why it was available in the first place, and he reminded me. He is thorough and cares about his clients. He understands your dilemma and works to make it right for you and the courts.

"I would recommend Jeffrey to anyone that is going through this: he'll tell you what you need to do, help you and get it in the past so that you are more informed, better equipped for the future and finally moving forward. With Jeffrey you don't have to be afraid of being able to move on."

– Shari

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At The Koons Law Firm we focus on Bankruptcy and we are here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.

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